London Travel Diary-The Botanist Toasts to London Fashion Week

I was bummed my London travel itinerary didn't sync up with fashion week as some of my favorite designers come from the UK. Luckily I was able to get a taste of London Fashion Week at The Botanist, a restaurant/gastropub situated in the heart of Sloane Square that embodies the definition of posh as it exudes both an understated glamour and a sense of refined sophistication. The beautiful restaurant also serves equally beautifully delicious food and drinks.

In celebration of London Fashion Week, The Botanist chief mixologist, Paulo Brammer is showcasing three refreshingly addictive cocktails named after some of Britain’s most celebrated fashion designers. I'm a weakling when it comes to drinking but in the name of fashion, I powered up and opted to try all three drinks. I'm glad I did because I enjoyed every single one-made even more enjoyable by the delectable gastro accompaniment.

The elegant "Victoria Beckham" combines Hendrick’s gin, Lillet Blanc, St. Germain liqueur topped with slim-line tonic, poured fittingly into a flute and garnished with slice of cucumber. The cucumber infusion keeps the drink light and refreshing. I can see Victoria Beckham drinking this on daily basis as it's light enough to be incorporated into her svelte diet.

The "Stella McCartney" was bursting with flavors! The drink is made from Beefeater 24 gin together with a rose bud syrup, fresh pomegranate and pink grapefruit all perfectly tailored to a martini glass and topped with a white rose petal. The drink was fruity fresh and not overpowering in its sweetness. I love the incorporation of fresh pomegranate as it added a hint of tartness to the drink. I love that the color red and the single rosebud reflects the chic and dramatic designs of Stella McCartney.

My last drink was the "Vivienne Westwood". This sweet yet sour aperitif blends together Sipsmith vodka, passion fruit, fresh lime and a dash of Chambord. Served in a crystal glass, this striking ruby concoction is complemented by a green mint and bright red cherry garnish. This was the perfect drink to end the trio as it tasted like a powerful and complex liquid dessert. I love the colorful and fun presentation as it looks like something Vivienne Westwood would make into a hat for the runway.

The oysters were so fresh and an instant hit at my table

The steak tartare was one of my favorite dishes. It was buttery, savory, and completely decandent

I needed a salad to balance out my gorging

I'm not heavy into red meat but this piece of bone-in steak was juicy, tender, and savory. I actually had more than my usual one bite taste!

The sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream ice cream was insanely yummy! I'm glad my introduction to this  British dessert was absolutely wonderful

A very stuffed and drunk Jenny is a happy Jenny!

{live fabulously}



  1. nice look ; DDD
    new post

  2. Oh woah!
    Every drink and dish is a creation in itself!
    Wonderful post, enjoyed reading it and looking at the picture!:)

    Can I have a sip of the Vivienne Westwood please?


  3. Such a beautiful post with gorgeous pictures..! xo akiko

  4. The food looks amazing! :)

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time and those drinks looks so delicious!

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