Good, Bad, and Fab x Secrets of the Red Carpet First Episode-Day into Evening Featuring Molly Quinn

When I was twelve, I begged my mom to take me to Beverly Hills Talent Management's open casting call for a new Nickelodeon TV show after hearing their radio commercial day and night on KIIS FM. The commercial was a mild form of brainwashing as I became convinced I was going to be the next Nickeloden starlet! My mom knew it was probably a ploy to con starry-eyed young girls into investing their time, emotions, and piggy banks for the elusive promise of stardom but agreed to take me anyway. She later told me she did it so I could build character and learn a valuable lesson. Why are Moms always so smart?

The "casting call" took place in a small auditorium in a not so glamorous part of 90210. Over 2,000 other kids were vying for the same spot as we each took turns "auditioning" which involved going up to the stage and stating our name and age. That's it. On my way to the podium, I tripped over the microphone cord and slurred two of my four words. But they must have loved how I enunciated the remaining consonants because two days later, I got a call saying I got the part! Well, not quite. They said I was perfect for the show but first needed to take a $5,000 acting and etiquette class to hone my skills a bit. You'd think at that point, I would've sniffed out the poisonous truffle, but I was twelve and this close to being on Nickelodeon! Once again, I begged my mom to go with me to sign up for the class. Again, she agreed. When we got there, I realized why she did. The place was a madhouse and looked more like a summer camp than a talent management company affiliated with Nickelodeon. I realized the whole thing was a scam, and quickly left-leaving behind my dreams of starletdom.

The moral of the story is that dreams are just need to work your ass off to make them come true because a five second name and age audition is almost never the real deal. I'm now working harder than ever, constantly testing the boundaries of my comfort zone in my quest to conquer greater heights. That's why I'm excited to be expanding into video projects, working on shows like Secrets of the Red Carpet, a fashion and style web series that airs live on  every Saturday. It keeps me on my toes and challenges my ability to innovotate and reinvent.

Here's my segment from my first episode where I styled two fabulous outfits from day to evening:

Full Episode featuring special guest Molly Quinn:

With actress Molly Quinn, host Luke Reichle, co-host and author Allana Pratt

Watch Secrets of the Red Carpet Saturdays at 3pm PST! 

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