The Real Housewives of Fashion [Guest Post]

The Real Housewives is definitely my guilty pleasure reality show. I watch it for the drama and to see what the ladies are wearing. The only thing more provocative than these women are the garments they wear in every episode. Anyone at home who gets their television programming through has no doubt seen the show and knows what I’m talking about. However, in case you somehow missed an episode, here is a brief recap of some of the more memorable fashion statements from The Real Housewives.
1. Tamra Barney’s Tie Dye Dress (Orange County)
The 70s may not be back, but that didn’t stop her from taking something retro and making it both modern and, decidedly, her own.

2. Taylor Armstrong’s Zig Zag Dress (Beverly Hills)
Among good looks, great hair and smooth skin – Taylor can now add “good taste” to her list of attributes as she strutted her stuff in that zigzag dress of hers. Elegant and, yet, sharp all at the same time.

3. Melissa Gorga’s Black and Pink Number (New Jersey)
Cold black and hot pink, two opposing colors fighting for supremacy. The time is now and the place is upon Melissa. She turned some heads with this number and prevented many viewers, as a result, from turning the channel.

4. Tamra Barney’s Yellow Dress (Orange County)
Pretty non-descript, right? Wrong! If you watch the show, then you know the one I'm talking about. For those of you who need a little help, here’s a hint “Most Gorgeous Party Hostess in The Hamptons.” Yellow is a great attention-grabber, not that Tamra ever needed any help there.

5. Jill Zarin’s Spotted Ruffles (New York)
Jill may have left the show, but she will remain in Housewives Hall of Fame. If nothing else than because of her taste in fashion. Sporting both ruffles and spots, her dress comes to an elegant flourish of dynamism that tells the audience this former housewife is more of a force of nature than anything else.

6. Tamra Barney’s Glint Devyn Sandals (Orange County)
Did you see those sandals she wore for the Orange County Season 7 Reunion? Diamond-studded brilliance laced around her pristine toes – making an already larger than life lady shine even more bright.

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