Personal Style Outfit at the LAZR Tradeshow-What to Wear When You're Avoiding Someone

I'm taking a quick break from MAGIC coverage to feature what I wore on the second day of LAZR, a new footwear trade show that took place in downtown's LA LIVE a few weeks ago. On the first day of LAZR, I spotted someone I didn't want to run into in fear of having to engage in a cold-sweat inducing and tortously awkward conversation. Unfortunately, as one of the official LAZR bloggers, I stood on a raised platform (aka stage) in the middle of the show floor like a matador covered in blood standing in the middle of a bull pen. I was also wearing high heels which contributes to lack of coordination and lack of speed. Thankfully, the person didn't approach me that day. In my attire, I definitely couldn't have darted off, burrowed under a pile of shoes, or used my invisibility cloak (I'd left it in the car) as avoidance tactic. 

On the second day of LAZR, I was outfit prepared to avoid an awkward run-in. I stragetized that my print heavy stripped tank juxatposed with the hypnotically charged geometric patterned shorts would send the person into some sort of trance if he/she tried to approach me. And if that didn't work, I'd do what any rational and mature person would do. Run. In my comfortable Sseko sandals, I could sprint like I did when I was on the high school track team. It's a shame I didn't get to test my "weaponized" outfit as I didn't even see the person that day. Perhaps he/she got a hold of my invisibility cloak.

After the show, I headed straight to dinner with friends so I brought along two things for a quick footwear show to glitzy dinner outfit change. My Brian Atwood T-strap sandals provided fabulous height while my James Perse button down muted an otherwise loud outfit. Cinching it at the waist creates the illusion of a smaller waist and is an easy way to provide structure. 

Top: Ted Baker
Shorts: boutique in Los Feliz
Shoes: c/o Sseko | Brian Atwood
Shirt: James Perse
Necklace: gift from an aunt
Bracelets: c/o Stella and Dot | ASOS | Express
Rings: Gorjana | c/o Stella and Dot

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{live fabulously}



  1. I really like the fantasy of your shorts

  2. This outfit is so cute and love the shirt tied with it!!! Great colors of prints as well! xx Pip

  3. what a lovely outfit :)

  4. nice shorts, live the second outfit!

  5. Cute little outfit girl, looks so fun to wear! x

  6. I love the mix of prints! You are a true master! Those shorts are so adorable.

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