InstaLife-My Life On Instagram

Before I started my blog, I was a very private person and the idea of sharing my life with strangers was very foreign and more than a bit scary. It wasn't so much the fear of manic stalkers showing up on my doorstep in tinker bell costumes attempting to take me away to Never Neverland as it was the fear of opening up my life to unfiltered judgement from others. And even though I tried to focus the blog on fashion and to keep my personal life detached as much as possible, I still felt quite vulnerable putting myself on display. After all, my life is intricately connected to fashion!

I'm not that fearful person anymore. Blogging has been such a positive and life-changing experience! Through it, I've met countless wonderful people and truly appreciate the sweet and positive feedback from the fashion community and from friends and readers. I now feel compelled to discuss parts of my life that dig beyond the surface and to divulge a bit more about the girl behind the blog.

Instagram is a peek into my daily life and captures my filtered life lived in fashion shows, cocktail parties, new fashion toys, and endless tubs of ice cream. It's my life in pictures. Follow me @goodbadandfab!

{live fabulously}