Personal Style [Shanghai Girl] Optical Fashion Transformation

Although I've been nearsighted since the fifth grade, I didn't start wearing contacts until ninth grade as my Dad, who is extremely nearsighted himself, was in denial and refused to face the fact that his offspring inherited his blind as a bat DNA. Instead of giving in and taking me to an optometrist, he told me to do daily eye exercises (which consisted of rubbing my temples) and to focus on nature's color green all day long. It did not work so for four years, my view on life was filtered, literally. Everyone was thin, albeit a bit blurry. There were so many cute boys at school, albeit a bit blurry. I swear to god Jonathan Taylor Thomas was in my algebra class, albeit a bit blurry. 

Although I now have both contacts and glasses, I rarely and hardly ever wear my glasses due to sheer vanity. But I fell in love with these black rimmed geek chic non-prescription frames and have been wearing them OVER my contacts constantly. Oh the irony. Whenever I wear them, I feel like a different person, and a Dr. Jekyll/Ms. Hyde transformation (but not as dark or twisted_ takes place. I feel fobby and fun and get strong urges to throw up the double peace sign. And I definitely try to match my outfits to the fashion tone set by the glasses, keeping my look fun, easy and accessible. It's interesting how a simple pair of glasses can change your entire fashion outlook, no pun intended.

Do you own a piece of fashion accessory that transforms you, inside and out?

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Purse: c/o ShoeDazzle
Shoes: Ebay
Glasses: Young's Optometry
Bracelet: BCBG