Marcona Los Angeles-FAB LA Foodie Destination Spotlight

When I'm shopping, food is the last thing on my mind as my sole mission is to spot, strike, and swipe! I'm the energizer bunny of retail consumption. During one glorious day after Thanksgiving sale in high school, I shopped for ten hours straight without taking a single water, food or bathroom break. I'm not quite sure if I should be proud of my retail determination or hang my head in shame.

One of my favorite shopping streets in LA is Melrose Avenue. The shopping turf extends from La Brea all the way to Robertson. The street is quite the shopping rainbow as there's something for everybody. Affordable trendy boutiques offering the newest styles that you won't find until weeks later at Forever 21 sit blocks away from Balenciaga and Fred Segal. Tons of vintage shops are sprinkled in between to satisfy all your retro inclinations.

Nowadays, as much as I don't want to think about eating on my Melrose shopping marathons, my body ceases to function when I engage in self-deprivation for too long. So, I head over to Marcona LA, a gourmet LA sandwich shop and fine foods purveyor offering an adventurous and affordable, yet upscale, option for lunch, a snack, or a quick bite. They combine the concept of a simple, East Coast sandwich shop with European culinary influences, and sweeten the deal with a variety of homemade bakery goods. It's quick and delicious fuel so you can keep your shop on!

Marcona LA 
7368 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046

{live fabulously}