Easy Summer Hairstyles- One Braid, Three Looks for the DailyBuzz Style July 9x9 Challenge

I've always been an admirer (from a distance) of the art of hair styling. I love reading about it, talking about it with my hair guru friends, and watching countless Youtube tutorials on it. But when it comes to actually styling my own hair, I seem to lose all finger dexterity along with my opposable thumbs. This means my repertoire of hairstyles is simple, limited, and hand-eye coordination friendly. Usually, the most complex hair decision of the day revolves around whether to part my hair down the middle or to the side.

When summer braids started trending, I longed to master the technique of braiding. After all, braids exude an inherent air of boho chic, making it the perfect summer hairstyle chameleon. Armed with determination and patience, I visited VIP Beauty in Pasadena for a quick braid tutorial.

Although there are many different ways to braid, I told Lauren, VIP Beauty's resident braiding guru I wanted to master a quick, easy and endlessly versatile braiding technique that's work appropriate and nighttime transition friendly. Within minutes, we came up with a fabulous side braid that can transition to three different styles in mere seconds. 

Step by step side braid tutorial:

1. Run a small amount of texture styling creme all over the hair. This helps to hold and define the braid.
2. Create a dramatic side part to achieve maximum hair drama.
3. Isolate the braidable hair by bobby pinning the rest of your mane.
4. Starting at the root, separate hair into three sections and begin braiding, adding hair to the braid from the front only.
5. Tie the braid with a thin rubber band. Make sure you stop the braid three quarters of the way from the  roots.

Once the braid is set in place, it's time to experiment with different hairstyles. Here are three lightning quick styles that are appropriate for every summer activity.

1. Wear it half down and twisted in the back for a fun weekend at the beach or outdoor music festival.
2. Tie it into a low ponytail to add a bit of braided fun to your workplace style.
3. A low side bun creates flair and sophistication, perfect for a summer wedding.

And just like that, my everyday ordinary hairstyle gets jazzed and pizzazzed. Summer braiding is in the bag!