The Business of Fashion

Magic, the twice yearly fashion trade show, is a beast, a tease and the ultimate fashion commerce hub. Comprised of eight separate trade show platforms spanning tens of thousands of feet of Vegas space, it's one of the rare fashion events where wearing flats is encouraged and perhaps altogether necessary.  Whenever I'm at Magic, I'm pretty much salivating the entire time, possessed with a voracious appetite that even the most decadent Vegas buffets can't satiate. It's utterly cruel to get to see and touch so many pretty things but know that I can't have any of them for another six months!

When I was there in February, aside from the sheer longing, I was also inspired by the business of fashion that lives within the walls of Magic. After all, the purpose of the trade show is to bring brands, showrooms and buyers together to distribute fashion to the end consumer. It's such a magical and unique experience to see fashion in action and to be able to get an insider's peek into how fashion extends beyond the art form and into the realm of commerce.

 An old fashioned barber style haircut was one of the many pampering lounges set up throughout the show floor

Every season, Magic gets more and more involved with bloggers. I'm excited for the super fabulous Magic-blogger partnership taking place in August

Project Wooster came together very nicely. The showcase of art meets fashion made for an eye-catching display on the Project floor

Allibelle handbags are quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. The leather is incredibly soft and the styles are functional and sleek.

SunnyGirl is a super cute, preppy and feminine Australian brand. I can see Rachel Berry wearing pretty much everything from its fall collection.

I'm very impressed with Funktional's fall collection. A tweed motorcycle jacket is so bad-ass.

This Eryn Brinie coat is perfect. Double-breasted, double the Parisian chic.

Amazing tailoring. Amazing piping. Eryn Brinie proves that peplum has staying power and that unlike a fair-weathered friend, it will not disappear after the fair weather of spring and summer fade out.