Asian American Street Style Fashion

With each passing year, the idea of partying takes on an ever evolved meaning. Gone are the yesteryear when I partied hearty for the sheer sake of having fun. Nowadays, I only attend two types of parties. One type celebrates special moments/occasions/milestones in my loved ones' lives. The other is pure business. Regardless of how long the red carpet, how A-list the attendees, how fab the gift bags, or how high the Rosé fountain, I approach business/industry parties as work and as a tool and opportunity  to seek out, discuss, and conquer business. I try not to mix in pleasure at these events.

However, at one such industry event a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony and Tiger (jointly nicknamed Tony the Tiger), two extremely funny and easy going friends of a friend who kept me entertained and energized with their humor and a stockpile of puns. We talked about tae kwon do and spent a copious amout of time "punning" back and forth about the pool. I highly enjoyed their company and was pleasantly surprised to find out that Anthony has a street style blog called Amerasian Fashion, a one of its kind showcase of fashionable Asian Americans from all over the country. I'm featured in today's post so please check it out when you get a chance!

Up until now, I never really distinguished style on a racial level as I always saw it as an individual choice, influenced by a plethora of personal, environmental and geographical factors. What do you think? Is your style influenced by your ethnic background?


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