Travel Post Luggage Review-Excess Baggage

As I'm traveling more and more frequently, I've come to appreciate the necessity of owning high quality luggage that can get me from point A to B and all the way to point X with seamless ease. I'm an over-packer which means everything but the kitchen sink comes with me. A weekend getaway inevitably requires ten outfits and ten pairs of matching shoes along with a plethora of unnecessaries. Therefore, when shopping for luggage, space, stretchiness and durability are on the top of my list. Since I sometimes travel solo on business trips, lightweight pieces are also a must. But I must confess, I almost never do any heavy lifting as a chivalrous fellow passenger always comes to my aid when I put on my damsel in distress look. Sometimes, it's definitely great to be a girl! And lastly, I'm only into cute luggage. Yeah, I'm shallow like that.

Given my rather stringent set of criteria, I've had to do tons of research to find my ideal luggage pieces. Here's what made my list and what are now my faithful travel companions:

Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack GM. It's large, durable (can hold up to 200 lbs), frees up my hands completely and doesn't place undue pressure and weight on my shoulders. This one's pretty amazing well.

Louis Vuitton Alize 24 Heures. I usually use this bag to store electronics, food and books. The size and roominess make it an idea carry on piece.

Gucci Duffel Bag. I use this as either a carry on or check in bag depending on need. It folds up which means it can be used as a "I shopped way too much on my trip and need additional luggage to lug everything home"  duffel.

Briggs and Riley Transcend 200 Expandable. This is the frequent traveler's brand of  choice as all Briggs and Riley luggage come with the most amazing warranty. The Transcend collection is ultra light weight but heavily durable. 

Briggs and Riley Baseline. Ballistic nylon. Heavy duty. Lifetime warranty. Enough said. 

And of course, what's a trip without a fanny pack? To be perfectly honest, I sometimes rock my pack even when I'm not travelling. I also love this one!

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