Popping My Sneaker Cherry With Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ever since I laid my eyes on the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers which are now completely sold out and listing for a ridiculous premium on Ebay, I've been tuned into the color popping wedge sneakers phenomenon. Historically, the sneaker genre has been grossly underrepresented in my shoe closet as I only wear them to the gym. I'd never felt the need or urge to purchase them for everyday wear due to the lack of heel height and limitations in style. However, wedge sneakers a la Isabel Marant, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Ash have changed the shoe game for me. I love the hidden heel which gives me the needed height, the vastly on-trend and eye catching colors, and the sneakers' high fashion interpretation of urban style.

When the Marc by Marc Jacobs sneaker heel wedges finally hit stores today, I quickly made my purchase. This could very well signal the beginning of a beautiful snearkership!

Marc by Marc Jacobs sneaker heel wedges $320 available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Can you guess which color I picked?