Hong Kong Roundup-Travel Post

My week in Hong Kong turned out to be a good balance of work and play. I was there for a licensing show as part of my job as a fashion lawyer involves drafting and working on license agreements. At the show, I spent the better part of my time chatting with potential licensees, a task that's surprisingly quite draining. Socializing, conversing and being "on" for eight hours a day is a challenge, especially when I had to use my first grade level Mandarin at times. It was a productive show and definitely a treat to hear so many positive feedback and interest in our brand from Asian territories. After all, money has shifted to the east. You get China, you're golden.

Flying business class on Cathay Pacific was a treat as their amenities are equivalent to that of first class on other airlines I've flown on. I had my own individual pod that folded into a bed. It was designed with complete privacy in mind. As I couldn't see my fellow passengers, it felt like I was traveling solo on the open sky.

Travel essentials-roomy purse, reading materials, iPad.

I'd never been impressed with much less taken pictures of on-flight meals before, but this was different. The multiple course lunch was delicious from start to finish, with the pork belly placed at the peak of the palate crescendo. It was the juiciest and tastiest pork belly I'd EVER had! Pairing it with Isareli cous cous was genius.

The red bean cheesecake was amazing, but then again eating anything with red beans injects my veins with excitement.

The hustle and bustle presence of the city is quite contagious. Even though I was functioning on less than five hours of sleep every day, I felt invigorating and completely eyes wide open. A sense of intensified energy permeates the city. In Hong Kong, everyone is on the go.

I spent my free time going to business dinners at amazing restaurants, albeit most of them were not Chinese restaurants. I had a free afternoon to wander the streets of Causeway Bay, one of my favorite HK shopping destinations. I didn't buy any clothes but did manage to hit it hard at Sasa, HK's resident beauty shop. They carry the best assortment of makeup, skincare products and beauty accessories from Japan and Korea. And they happen to be on every street corner in Causeway Bay. As the selection varies from store to store, I quelled my beauty anxiety by hitting up eight Sasa in about two hours.

                                   A sampling of my SK-II purchases. Prices in Asia are 40% cheaper! 

I love Japanese eyelash glue. It's easy to use, non-messy and holds as strong as concrete.

I'm currently in my falsies phase and cannot stop obsessing over them! Even though I only bought five different kinds of lashes in Hong Kong, I must have looked at and analyzed over 100 pairs! I will post a review once I start using them.

You haven't liquid eyelined until you've used the long lasting ones offered by various Japanese brands. Once applied, they are tattooed on your lids but easily come off with a few drops of water. If you live in LA, you can find these eyeliners at various makeup boutiques in the San Gabriel Valley. Contact me if want to know where to find them

I just can't resist the appeal of sparkly pink eyeshadow palettes, pink glittery polish, and plumping nude lip gloss.


  1. I had no idea airlines served sushi on flights. Very nice!

    What a pretty city. Night lights look gorgeous.

    Love that nude gloss. Bet it looks even better on you.


  2. I'm originally from HK and flying business class is AMAZING! The snacks and overall food is better. I do the same exact thing when I'm in HK, I hit every SaSa and Bonjour on each corner and manage to always find something to buy! Great post!

  3. Great photos! Very luxurious for sure.

  4. The inflight meal looks and sounds delicious, especially the pork belly followed by the red bean cheesecake!

  5. I also like to visit Hong Kong this coming summer vacation. You've made the right choice taking cathay pacific going to China. Their rooms, service, and on-flight meals look good especially the red bean cheese cake.

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  6. I would like to visit Hong Kong again. The food and the shopping were great the first time around. Now I would like to visit the place for some real sight seeing.

  7. I flew with Cathay Pacific before and I was pleased with the way they handled things. These travel pictures look good.

  8. I'll definitely have Hongkong as one of my stops after Bangkok. I still have some friends in that bustling city.
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  9. I've always traveled economy class due to wanting to have as much money as possible to spend on wherever I was going. After seeing this, I am definitely going to reconsider my vacation spending plans.

  10. The lights on the buildings are amazing. A narcissistic person will surely love to take a photo with this kind of background. I would love to travel to Hong Kong and experience this kind of adventure as well.

  11. Cathay Pacific's business class seats just blew me away. Now that's what I call traveling in style.

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