Personal Style Outfit Post-Lady in Coral

Because I'm "dressed up" almost all the time, I love to take the phrase bumming it to a serious level when I'm running errands on the weekends. Usually, this means I'm wearing my old law school sweatshirt with a pair of ultra comfy but highly inappropriate flouncy and flanneled PJ bottoms to the supermarket, dry cleaners, and occasionally, even to the mall-which I know is entirely ironic. However, after recently re-watching The Joy Luck Club and admiring the characters' retro glam and ladylike styles, I've been inspired and motivated to look and dress like a lady at all times. I realized that sometimes it can be just as cathartic to transform from the OUTSIDE in as it is the other way around. So, I wore this outfit to the bank and the post office a few Saturdays ago. And I felt great!

Coral wrap dress: Sway Chic. I love this website! Everything is edgy, trendy and super affordable.
Cardigan: Lily McNeal
Purse: Kate Spade
Shoes: no idea
Sunglasses: Vintage
Jade and Gold Rooster Necklace: gift from one of my aunts in Shanghai