Birthday Epiphany

My birthday milestone culminated in a bash last Saturday at the Parlour Room, a 1920s style bar/lounge in Hollywood that perfectly complemented my Roaring Twenties party theme. I'm not going to lie. I had been dreading this birthday for quite some time because now, when the clock strikes midnight on December 3, I'm not longer growing up. Rather, I'm getting older. What a morbid thought! But as Oprah Winfrey so eloquently pronounced in her Lifeclass "Aging" episode (which I coincidentally watched a day after my birthday), aging is fabulous! Because with age comes a new found sense of freedom and ability to let go of the superficial things in life that quite frankly do not matter very much so that we can embrace, strengthen and cultivate our inner selves and find truth and meaning in everything we do. And as we age, hopefully we get to know ourselves better, learn what matters in life so that we can live happily and truthfully.

I'm not quite ready to let go of the ties that bind me to my present reality just yet, but I hope this upcoming year will bring me closer to finding my truth!

Flapper Dress: Unique Vintage.
I love this store! They have the most amazing selection of vintage inspired dresses and special occasion outfits. I would seriously buy everything in sight if I could. In fact, visiting this store and rewatching The Joy Luck Club has inspired me to dress like a 1920s high society Shanghai girl from now on.

Photo courtesy of David Lin.
Super sweet, talented and smart photographer! I'm looking forward to working with him on some amazing photo shoots in the near future. Stay tuned!