Style Fashion Week Gypsy05 Spring 2012 Show

I was looking forward to attending the Gypsy05 Spring 2012 fashion show with my girl Kiara mainly because one of my friend's sister works as a designer for the brand. Over the years, I'd heard about the brand's meteoric rise to fashion stardom but never really had the chance to see the collections up close and personal.  I now totally regret it as their runway show at Style Fashion Week LA left me gasping with awe and buying desire!

The artistically executed opening dance performance set the tone for the vividly crafted "around the world" fashion show. Every couple of minutes, the picture on the runway backdrop changed as we were treated to bold imagery of nature, desert, and Moroccan paradise with each image signifying a subtle shift in the collection's style aesthetics. The collection itself was laid-back sexy, blossomed with color and super maxi dress friendly, proving once again that Gypsy05 is the perfect style representation of the Southern California bohemian spirit.

Gypsy05 Spring 2012 Collection-The Fab

What I Wore

Dress: Eva Franco. I love the perforated detailing and the oversized bow!
Clutch: Vintage
I'm heart Kiara's One Teaspoon leopard blouse! She bought it that afternoon at their showroom. It's just another fabulous perk of working in the fashion industry. After a while, you feel like paying retail is sacrilege.