Michael Valitutti Eye-Catching Bling

Thursday, November 17, 2011

With my birthday coming up in a few weeks, I've been browsing the net for some bday bling. Since I'm not a rapper, I can't see myself swinging a blinged out oversized pendant necklace in the shape of a cross or a money sign back and forth. I simply don't have enough street cred to pull it off or the necessary hand/eye coordination skills. So,I want to buy something subtle, preferably in blue topaz, my birth stone. It's not my favorite gemstone, but I'm kind of stuck with it.  I'm a huge sucker for big cocktail rings so when I came across Michael Valitutti's collection and saw this art deco cocktail ring my heart swooned a bit.

A statement piece in every sense of the word, this two tone London blue topaz and sapphire ring in palladium and 18 karat gold rocks it in uniqueness and decadence!

live fabulously