A Pinch of Introspection and Retrospection

When I started blogging eighteen months ago, I had no concrete plans, foreseeable vision or tenable ideas on how the blog would evolve. I just knew I wanted to write about my passion. So I wrote. I dissected my fashion inspirations, confessed to my never-ending covets of pretty things, and excitedly shared my latest "holy grail" beauty finds. The more I wrote, the more content came my way in the form of invitations to glitzy red carpet parties, beyond my wildest dreams fashion shows, and offers of free products. Lots and lots of products.  

But do you enjoy reading about it? As my blog content gets more and more dense, I want to make sure I'm writing about things that capture your interest. After all, a blog is only as strong as its readership. And although I am currently playing catch up in responding to all your comments, please know that I do read and appreciate each and every single comment.

I view myself as a work in progress. Never satisfied with the status quo, I'm always seeking higher mountains to climb and longer marathons to run. That spirit carries over to blogging as well. I'm constantly evaluating my content and am currently generating a list of general and consistent topics for my posts. I would love to hear your feedback! If you especially like or dislike a certain topic, let me know. And if you feel my list is overlooking an important topic, let me know as well!  

have a fabulous day!


goodbadandfab blog topics:

-Personal Style Outfit Pictures
-Designer/Store Spotlights
-Beauty Product Reviews
-Celebrity and Fashion Events Coverage
-Fab Five, A List of My Current Covets