Fab Beauty-My Afternoon with Paul Walker at the Cool Water Davidoff House

On any given day, spending an afternoon in a beautiful Malibu estate with a million dollar view is blissful. Spending it with Paul Walker is just heavenly. I experienced my slice of heaven a few weeks ago when the Davidoff Cool Water team invited me to enjoy an afternoon of pampering and some one-on-one time with Paul, the new face of one of the world's best-selling colognes.

I grew up loving the scent of Cool Water. It's fresh, masculine and above all, cool. So it's no surprise to learn that Paul Walker pretty much embodies all of those traits with a sense of effortlessness and grounded-ness that's both uncanny and refreshing. And it's not solely due to his good looks either. Yes, he's tall, lean, has a chiseled movie star face and a mega watt smile. But that's just dwelling on the obvious. During our twenty minute interview, we discussed a plethora of different topics ranging from his childhood in Santa Barbara, his passion for marine life, and his close to his heart charity. At the end of our interview, I realized that his embodiment of the essence of Cool Water comes from his warm laughter, generous heart, and the fact that instead of just talking the talk (as is the case with many celebs these days) he sprints into action whenever action is needed. Now that's the power of cool.

Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know about Paul Walker:

1. His mom had him at the age of 20.
2. When he first started acting, he worked as a UPS delivery man in the two day air department and also as a busboy in Santa Barbara restaurants.
3. He has a daughter.
4. He studied marine biology in college and plans on completing his degree in the next couple of years.
5. He actively works with the Bill Fish Foundation to tag and study sharks.He has caught (and freed) six great white sharks in one outing!
6. He lives for adrenaline
7. When he's not acting or tagging sharks, Paul spends a lot of time visiting third world countries.
8. Immediately after the Haiti earthquake, Paul and his friends flew to the disaster zone and sprang into action. Within days, they were able to set up a ground medical tent and provide medical attention to hundreds of injured victims.
9. He started a non-profit organization called ROWW, a quick response team that aids in the rescue and recovery process immediately after a natural disaster occurs.
10. The color of Paul Walker's eyes match the aqua Davidoff Cool Water cologne bottle. Swoon.

with my girl Kelsi!

The use of photo editing magic on a blurry shot of Paul and I.

What I Wore:
Top: Yumi Kim
Skirt: boutique in Los Feliz
Shoes: Marcello Toshi
Handbage: Fendi