Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's-The Fall Collection

The fashion web has been abuzz with the just released pictures of the much anticipated Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's Fall 2011 Collection. I've had time to peruse, ingest and reflect on each of the 45 pieces and I am conclusively stating that the collection is one of the best celeb designer x mass market collabs I've seen.

Most of the pieces retain Chanel-esque class and ladylike chic while slight adjustments to the body and silhouettes render them wearable and appealing to the public at large. And of course, price points in the $70-$150 range in comparison to four digit price tags for Lagerfeld's other fashion lines also heavily contribute to the wearable/attainable factor.

I'm especially fascinated by the leather pieces and cannot wait to try them in person when the collection hits stores and online August 31!

My favorites from the collection: