Hairy Business-Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Supplement

When it comes to my health and taking care of my body, I can get pretty paranoid bordering on hypochondriatic. I take a daily array of horse pill size vitamins, eat as clean as I can, try to stay in shape with one hour workouts five days a week, and obsessively surf upon the first sign of any kind of health abnormalities. Yeah, I''m one of those people. 

Upon experimenting with hair color about a year ago, I started fixating a lot of attention on hair health. After all, every color treatment inflicts trauma on the scalp and hair. I began purchasing deep conditioning masques, specially formulated hair vitamins, and oil treatments. But none of those products really addressed the root of my fear-what if my hair is thinning? After all, I have noticed that the ponytail has reduced in size over the years. After searching for hair supplements with good reviews, I found Viviscal, a  supplement proven to reduce hair thinning. It works in four stages over the course of 6 months (although most users notice a difference after just 3 or 4 months).

STAGE 1 – Nourishes the hair follicles.
STAGE 2 – Strengthens and promotes the growth of existing hair.
STAGE 3 – Promotes the growth of existing hair where it has slowed down or temporarily stopped. These hairs are thin and wispy at first.
STAGE 4 – Hair becomes stronger, healthier and more vibrant.

Viviscal sent me two packets to try out and I started taking the supplements a few days ago and have noticed no side effects. I'm hopeful that with continued usage, I will see fuller and thicker hair which will in turn squash my paranoia. Well, perhaps not squash it but rather move it along to my next health "issue."


  1. I don´t think this brand does exist here in Spain! You´ll tell us your opinions after a while using it!


  2. I am also paranoid about my health! im currently taking fish oil pills to better my health and body (:

    thanks for stopping by my blog! please visit soon <3

  3. Love this post , this is subject that interst everyone.
    love your blog and been following for a wile. Would you like to follow back?

    From Marrakech with love


  4. This supplement works. I had new hair come in about 2 months. I have been using it since Nov. 2010. My hair is definitely thicker and healthier. I just recently stopped coloring my hair because I really think all over color has made it thinner. I also use Nioxin which is great for thinning hair. Combining the two has really made a huge difference.:)

  5. can't wait to see how it turns out. I have such naturally fine hair. And it takes forever to grow!

    ps. thanks for your comment. I totally agree. Maybe one day we'll see the return of the voice! I have my hopes.

    xxAttention, Attention!

  6. wow!!! i need thid product!!!

    alicia de

  7. i've never heard of this product but it sounds awesome! good luck with your results!

  8. Thank you so much!
    It means the world to my! :-)

  9. OMG great blog and your style is amazing girl...

    Im gonna star taking care better of myself.... Thanks for the Inspiration :)

    Thank you for you post!

    Peace & Love.
    Jimely Rosas.

  10. Thanks for this information! I, too have noticed my hair started to thin out since I entered my 20's! I have super fine hair anyway and I noticed my hair fall out quite a bit. Anyway, I started trying this Chinese herbal blend called "Shen Min" hair supplement. It took about 3-6 months to show result but I have to say this really helps. I don't have thick hair but it defintely is not as thin as before! Hope this helps :)

  11. Hi babe!

    I'm so glad you popped by my blog, giving me a chance to stumble onto this post! I'm also kinda paranoid about my hair thinning out. Hopefully, I'll be able to find this product in Singapore.


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