Getting Ombred at Piero Hair Salon

This past Saturday, I spent a relaxing afternoon getting a hair color transformation at the beautiful Piero Salon in Santa Monica. I had been admiring the ombre look for quite some time, but knew that it involves a complex coloring process best left to the hands of a talented and experienced colorist who can seamlessly weave the striking highlights into my already medium brown tresses. Piero is listed as one of LA's top salons on and are known for perfecting the ombre look. So, I gave them a call and Diane, the salon's friendly owner offered me a complementary ombre coloring session. I was beyond giddy.

I knew I was in good hands the moment I stepped inside the salon. Piero is located in the hustle and bustle of Santa Monica's Main Street, inhibiting an open and airy space paired with a clean and modern decor. Diane introduced me to Lecie, the salon's ombre specialist. She's a super sweet girl with tons of coloring experience as she had worked at some of the most elite salons in the city. There was no need for me to describe what I wanted to achieve, as she knew exactly what would work on me. Lecie used the balayage highlighting technique, which is performed by literately hand painting highlights in a specific pattern formation to achieve the desired free-flowing effect. The word balayage is actually French-meaning "sweeping", which basically describes the sweeping motion used in applying (painting on) the highlights. It's a modern technique of hair highlighting that can give you a more softer natural sun-kissed look, as opposed to the stripy contrasting highlights of traditional foiling methods. My hair became a canvas displaying Lecie's talented artistry! 

The entire process took a little less than four hours as she also touched up my roots. When I saw the final reveal, I was happily surprised by how natural the highlights looked! They truly blend seamlessly with my hair color, projecting a chic but laid-back LA summer look.

Thank you Diane and Lecie for satisfying my ombre desires!

The salon is located in the middle of an open courtyard