Absolutely Bahhnanas

Last Wednesday, I was invited by Neiman Marcus to attend a private Rachel Zoe Fall 2011 Collection presentation, co-hosted by Ken Downings and the ever so fabulous Ms. Rachel Zoe. Upon seeing the collection in person, I fell in love with it all over again. Each piece encompassed the signature Rachel Zoe bohemian couture spirit. Well-tailored wide legged trousers, hippie-esque blouses and maxi dresses, and razzle bedazzled sequined dresses flooded the intimate and circular runway of Neiman's third floor.

While listening to Rachel Zoe's entertaining, down to earth and extremely conversational narration choked full of Rachel-isms, I realized that this woman's passion for fashion is undoubtedly genuine and utterly on another level. Everyone, she is the real deal. Once the presentation concluded, Rachel stayed for another hour-mingling with guests, sharing style tips and taking pictures with her fashion minions. I left Neiman's feeling inspired and on fashion cloud nine.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the Rachel Zoe Fall 2011 Collection

This is the perfect business suit. Seeing it actually made me wish I worked in a formal corporate environment.
The quintessential boho dress. I would wear it when feeling too lazy to accessorize but still want to look fabulous 
It doesn't get any more Hollywood than a structured cape complimented with a pair of fierce ankle boots and dark oversized shades
The Audrey Ankle Boots are TO DIE! I was so sad they were sold out of my size.
Baby Skyler makes an appearance! Daddy Rodger was also nearby.
The boots look painful but who wears over the knee boots for comfort anyway?
I'm obsessed with these wide leg trousers. "Legs for days" was what RZ said about them
A standout sequined jacket and dress combo

Very Chanel, don't you think?
This was one of the most popular pieces of the night. I love that it's a coat/entire outfit in one.
simple, elegant, and a versatile party dress.
My picture with the ultimate fashionista!


  1. Rachel Zoe<3<3!!!!!!!!;)



  2. That boho dress is just so beautiful, I love it :) What an awesome experience you had. Thanks for sharing it with us!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  3. I'm in love with Rachel Zoe style :) Thanks for visiting

  4. Love the coat. What an amazing experience, I never liked Zoe'project so much, but seeing this and her collection, I'm convinced that she's seriously committed with fashion. Thank you for posting it.

  5. those Audreys....Mooooan. so beautiful

  6. Oh god, you´re so lucky!!! I would looove to be there too!!!
    I´ve seen this event on other blog too! Must had been amazing!!

    Love Zoe´s braid! And her designs too!



  7. I love Rachel and her new collection is amazing. So wish I could have been there too to see it in person like you!!!


  8. I LOVE HER! And her collection's actually really nice! So lucky you got to see it and meet her!!!


  9. Rachel's Outfit is amazing!! i really like her style... thank you for visiting my blog :)

  10. Well done, love the outfits :-)
    http://anneliepop.blogg.se/?tmp=01175425 trying to hard? my latest post and my latest fashion "problem"

  11. thanks for the comment on my blog! you're so lucky you got to meet rachel zoe, and be invited! you have a new follower :D


  12. I love the coat! It's fabulous! Thank you for the visit by the way.


  13. fantastic photos ! and you're beautiful !!:)

  14. How fabulous! The collection looks beautiful!


  15. That is an amazing collection! She's done well!
    I really liked what she was wearing to the event too. So stylish!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog!

  16. Thanks for visiting my blog in there. Always Comes Back!
    I loved ur blog.

  17. wow, the collection looks amazing! so fitted and oh-so-beautiful! hehe!
    Krissy xoxo

  18. great photos love her collection and so jealous you got to meet her!


  19. Woww you're so lucky!
    Check out my blog, I've given you an award :)


  20. I cannot even believe you got to meet her. The whole event looks like it was fab! I'm definitely following you now. :-)

    Thanks for checking me out too! You're more welcome to keep stopping by.


  21. LOVE all her pieces! Each one better than the next! Lucky girl, loves me some Zoe!

    Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments, hope to visit again soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  22. Hello :)
    Thank you very much for your comment on my blog post. It meant a lot for me :)

    Wow, you must be a success person. Working in high class fashion show. So amazing!

    I'm 15 yo student from Indonesia. Adore extraordinary fashion world,and want to be a fashion blogger soon.Please Support me :D

    Nice to know you :)
    thank you

  23. Lucky you. Her collection looks so so good.


  24. thank you for your lovely comment i cant believe you got to meet rachel zoe she looks lovely and her collections amazing :)



  25. Oh...wow!This is great!Amazing pieces!

  26. WOOOOOW! this blog ist gorgeous ! love the pics ;)

  27. wow wow wow!!!

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  28. wow, lucky girl! thanks for visiting, i'm now following you too. I seen other bloggers post this event up as well! lucky lucky :)


  29. Wow, what a wonderful experience. I love her collection as well.

    Thank you for your sweet comment. Follow each other?


  30. Love the photos, looked like so much fun!!


  31. Awesome photos, Rachel Zoe is a goddess :)

  32. Great collection!! And you are really pretty!! I follow you, follow me back?



  33. You lucky girl !
    WOW that must have been an amazing experience and the collection is just marvelous :)

  34. Lovely collection!
    I adore the coat and all the shoes!!

  35. omg! so lucky you met Rachel Zoe! and so lucky you live in LA. I try to fly back and forth LA to SF if I had a chance. I'm planning to move there in a few years... crossing fingers! thanks for that lovely comment! following you back dear!


  36. wow! your so lucky to have met her!! she is my hero!! her pieces are amazing!! such a wonderful and amazing women! and thanks for the comment dear!!! <3

  37. OOh, looks like a fun event. I love Rachel Zoe and her new collection too! Come by and check out my blog.
    From another Asian-American fashionista,

  38. SO jealous!!! You lucky thing! Xx

  39. Oh wow, I'm jealous!! Great post!! :)


  40. I have just taken a look at your blog and I love it!!
    I really enjoyed your post about Rachel Zoe private collection, I love her style...
    Thnaks for your comment, I'm really flatter by your praise!!
    I'm following you on twitter ;)

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