Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nicholas Kirkwood Spring 2012 Collection-Highlights

Nicholas Kirkwood has ingeniously combined two seemingly incongruent styles-sky high stilettos and loafers. The former screams sex kitten while the latter is a tame portrayal of librarian chic. But then again, doesn't every man fantasize about sexy librarians?
I love boldly colored patterns. It screams statement shoes.

The most ladylike bondage inspired stilettos EVER!
A great everyday oxford that's far from being everday.


Melina said...

OMG!! how much I love the first ones :DD

Photo Retouching said...

excellent design! you've done really gr8 job! :) thanks for sharing..

Sarah said...

Nicholas kirkwood shoes are incredible!

stevesmith said...

Great collection.. Really like it.. Thanks for sharing..
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Mae Lu said...

I'm actually reblogging this for my Friday's Shoe Porn post!

Thanks, Love!!!!

These are to die for.

Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

DaphYin said...

Oh my!!! I just fell in love with the first one! :D awesome shoes thanks for sharing!

Linda J. Prieto(clipping path) said...

WOW, wonderful. I love all of it. Thanks to share.
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