Cutting Out the Fat

Lately, I've been trying to edit my life. Cut out the unnecessary and focus solely on the essentials. Over the past few years, the clutter in my life has been expanding exponentially along both horizontal and vertical chains. I pack my social calendar to the brim, as I find it hard to say "no" and sincerely strive to make it to as many events as humanely possible. This results in a lot of "appearances" being made, and a lot of "I'm sorry, but I have to go..." as I'm prioritizing quantity over quality. The same behavior applies to my shopping habits. It's hard for me to stay focused and resist temptation so I end up purchasing a lot of frou frou items that only make sole appearances outside my closet. Wasteful!

I've come to realize that my current lifestyle is simply unacceptable. I refuse to live this way any longer! So, I'm now making a conscious effort to de-clutter my life at every level. For me, my first goal to living a more well-edited and meaningful life is to acquire no more than two new nail polishes this season. This goal has been easily accomplished with Coat Azure and A French Affair by Essie. These two polishes are bright, feminine and infused with Parisian style-they're instant classics!

Here's hoping everything else in my life can be this simple to edit!


  1. Love the blue color, although I can't seem to ever say no to pink :)


  2. Love these colours

    X Zoe X

  3. Editing our lives...

    Quality time over quantity, right? It's so cliché, but it's so true. We should always choose the less is more approach, rather than the more is more route. Too many friends, but not enough substance? Too many social gatherings with much effort and not a lot of good contact? It's all about finding the right balance. Choose the events and gatherings that inspire you the most, that are in line with your passions or ones that will expand your horizons. And ones that will increase your exposure to the right people. The ones you'll have the most fun at.

    I think your approach with the polish is the right way to go.

    I wish I had more in my closet, though.

    I edit my life because my budget constrains it. But if I had to choose between hanging out with friends over coffee and good conversation and a badly needed closet refresh, the conversation and coffee will win every time. As I get older, spending quality time with things and people I love with every fiber of my being seems to get more and more important over frivolous things. No matter how much I love fashion and beauty.

    Feel me?

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!