Bridal Waves

Although it's only Wednesday, I'm already looking forward to the weekend as I will be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding on Sunday! Although the wedding ceremony is in the afternoon, the traditional Chinese tea ceremony will take place at 9am. This means I won't be able to get my hair done at the salon (boo!) and will need to tackle it on my own, and most likely while still half asleep. I'm clumsy, completely ungraceful and utterly impatient when using hair styling tools so I'm going to rely on foamy hair rollers to save my hair. I plan on setting it with the rollers the night before, and hopefully the rollers will transform my hair into mermaid-like waves a mere 8 hours later.

Honestly, my one hair goal in life is to have Lauren Conrad waves! Will the Goody Summer Waves Rollers get me to my hair goal? Stay tuned...


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