Sprint into Spring In Tash Limited Flats and Oxfords

For me, one of the major motivating factors to write a fashion blog is getting to hear and know about the newest and most exciting up-and-coming brands before they grace the public. One such brand is Tash Limited, a line of amazingly cute, affordable and wearable shoes that perfectly meshes and compliments the laid back SoCal lifestyle. To prepare for its inaugural Spring 2011 debut, I interviewed and got the background scoop on the brand from Natashia Tomek, its founder and shoe genius.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up? Did you study shoe design in school?  
I grew up in Fullerton, the heart of Orange County.  I studied Fashion Design at Fullerton College while studying Communications at Cal State Fullerton – it was a crazy busy time in my life!  I received an AA degree in Fashion Design at the age 23. 

What was that defining moment that made you realize you NEEDED to start a shoe line? 
While working with Beach Bums, I had the opportunity to express my designs through their Private Label.  I realized this was something that I wanted to continue with throughout my career.  I loved working with clothing but realized design a shoe line would be fun and a little bit more challenging.   

What was your vision for Tash Limited?  
My vision with Tash Limited was to have a fun, trendy, quality line of shoes but for an affordable price.  I was very determined to have a line that retails for under $100.   Myself loving shoes, this was the perfect way to express myself as I love to buy LOTS of shoes. 

Describe the Spring 2011 collection using just three adjectives; Where did you draw your inspiration for the collection?  
The Spring 2011 Line (Tash Limited) was inspired by some of my favorite brands.  I looked at a lot of my favorite shoes and put my own twist to it.  

Who is the ideal "Tash" girl? Who do you see wearing the collection? 
The ideal "Tash" girl is the girl on the go.  I live a busy lifestyle but I always make sure that I stay ahead of the trend, and make sure that my shoes always complete my outfits.   

Who is your favorite shoe designer? 
Favorite shoe designer would be Sam Edelman, I love how he takes a rocker edge to everything he does.  His heels are your outfit!

Where can we buy Tash Limited?  
We are currently selling the Tash Limited line on shoebuy.com and specialty boutiques in the US.  With our Tash Folds line we are opening many new doors all around the world.  

What are the price points?  
Our Tash Folds retail under $45 and the Tash Limited brand retails under $75 

I am obsessed with these floral foldable oxfords!

gold sequined foldable oxfords. rock n roll, say hello to convenience.