A Revolutionary Beauty Paradigm-NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

I've always been a fan of sultry, "matte-ifed" lips as it brings an air of sophistication and glamour to a girl's look. However, all of my previous foray into matte lipstick have ended in dry and cracked lip tragedy as they've all failed to provide enough moisture. And there's nothing glamorous about chapped lips. So, I was super elated when I heard about NYX's new line of lipstick called the Soft Matte Lip Cream collection. It's not a lipstick, nor is it gloss. It's lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte and is long-lasting. Genius!

They're only $6 a pop and comes in eleven different colors.

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  1. love your blog! thanks for checkin mine out. you should follow back :)

    This is very informative btw. Im always looking for better feeling lip color.

  2. I need to know your real name. Kthxbai.

    Because I want to thank you for this tip. I need these in my life. I love matte colours, and the creamier they are, the better.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.