Crab Man Darnell aka Eddie Steeples from My Name is Earl Sighting at Wasteland on Melrose

My crazy weekend consisted of trucking from one holiday party to the next sprinkled with a little bit of shopping here and there.  On Saturday, I was at Wasteland, one of my favorite vintage stores in LA.  Located on Melrose Avenue, Wasteland has a large and ever changing selection of on-trend vintage finds coupled with new items from cool brands like Piko 1980 and BB Dakota.  I was there on a serious hunt for shearling collared jackets as I've become obsessed with them recently.  While trying on a navy shearling collared cardigan, Crab Man Darnell from My Name is Earl comes up to me and tells me I should definitely get the cardigan. He said it looked classy and beautiful. We then both proceeded to figure out whether the collar was faux or rabbit.

Eddie Steeples, the actor who plays Darnell on the show is a sweetheart. After I thanked him for his compliment, he gave me a big hug, told me to "definitely get the shirt" before we parted ways.  I didn't end up getting the cardigan. The collar was faux fur and the length was too short.

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