British Brand MOTEL Rocks My World!

Last year, I started obsessing over Motel Clothing, an affordable line of fun frocks and trendy party dresses that was only available in the UK.  As a result, many hours were spent scouring Ebay!  However, I'm happy to report that Motel officially launched its own website earlier this year and now ships to the US FREE!

Here's what on my Motel shopping list:

Motel Gemma Bodice $70.20

Motel Tamara Dress $52.20

Motel Berry Cardi $63.00

Motel Wilma Trouser $70.20

Motel Patty Dress $63.00

Motel Cecila Dress $54.00

Motel Rocks also carries a selection of vintage clothing and the latest Jeffrey Campbell creations.

*Please note I do not participate in affiliate marketing which means I'm not getting paid to talk about a specific brand or website.  All opinions and reviews are honest and comes from my inner fashion soul!  =)

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  1. Awesome stuff! I'm gonna check out their website.

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