No Woman is An Eye-Land-Beauty Product Review

I always forget to restock on beauty products until I'm completely out!  This morning, I had to spend a few extra seconds trying to scoop up the very last traces of my eye cream from the jar.  As a preventative measure, I've been ardently using eye cream since I was 18.  For the past 10 years, I've gone through many brands and price points but have yet to find my holy grail (HG) product.  I've never purchased the same eye cream twice as I am always testing and trying out new products.  So, I spent most of today's lunch break researching for what I hope would be my HG eye cream.  Although La Prairie Cellular Radiance Eye Cream and Chanel Sublimage are highly rated, both are outrageously expensive and I don't know if they're worth the investment.  

I just finished using Obagi Zo Health Intense Eye Repair, which works well but is a bit pricey.  At $130 a pop, I don't feel like its effectiveness is worth the price tag. Rating:  (B+)

In the past, I've used both Creme De La Mer Eye Concentrate and Creme De La Mer Eye Balm, both of which did not have enough hydration concentration.  Rating:  (B).  On a side note, Creme De La Mer the cream is amazing and a must-have for dry winter months!


I've also tried Dr. Brandt's Lineless Eye Cream, which had absolutely no positive effect on my skin whatsoever.  If anything, it gave me new fine lines under my eyes. Rating:  (B-)

Acting on a friend's recommendation, I purchased Lancome's Primordiale Yeux Skin Recharge Eye Cream.  The consistency was a bit too runny and the cream was a bit drying. Rating:  (B)

However, the most ineffective product I've tried has got to be Dermadoctor's Wrinkle Revenge. The cream was too oily and couldn't fully absorb into my skin, resting on its surface like a filmy mask.

Even though I've purchased some duds in the past, I'm an eternal optimistic and I am looking forward to the day I find my holy grail (eye cream)!

What is your favorite eye cream?