This is me

It feels awkwardly weird to start rambling about my life to strangers without a proper introduction.  So, here is a list of pertinent brands, adjectives, and nouns that best describe me.

Phillip Lim is consistent
It peeves me to see fake Loubs.  It's not about the red soles!
Pour la Victoire can do no wrong at the moment
Camilla Skovgaard and Nicolas Kirkwood are shoe architects
Coral anything exudes spring, youth and freshness
Color for color, Illamasqua beats Essie and O.P.I.
I'm loving the nautical look right now
Tempted to purchase one of DVF's Vintage collection wrap dresses, most likely the green leaf pattern
Blair Waldorf may be over the headband, but I'm not
I always feel like I'm dressing inappropriately for the occasion
Why pay $300 for a flouncy, floral top when you can get almost an identical cut, style and pattern for $40 at H&M or $20 at Forever 21?
Purses and shoes are investments, and worthy of proper research, attention and funding
I am so over Ebay.
Alexander Wang is a little too butch for me...the clothes, not the designer
The outfits in SATC 2 look too over the top, even for my taste.  Why is Samantha paying tribute to MJ?
I love the hipster look, and want to love it on me, but an invisible force keeps holding me back.  I care too much about how I look to pull off the "I don't give a sh*t" look
Smashbox, Nars and MAC complete every woman's makeup collection
Always searching for a miracle eye cream
Why Latisse when I can falsie?
Working distracts me from living
Vacations are necessary

Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's get on with it.

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