Home Decor | Nursery Reveal

Thursday, January 19, 2017

 Sharing the first photos of our little penguin and his penguin themed nursery!
Delta Children crib | Da Vinci "Ruby Glider | Babyletto crib sheets and blanket

 Hello Desmond! In just a few weeks, the nursery transformed from an empty white box to a gray, white, and silver sanctuary that perfectly captures the wintery penguin theme while seamlessly integrating into the rest of our house. I wanted the room to feel cozy, functional, and uncluttered so I picked out pieces with clean lines and timeless appeal. I love the traditional curves and ribbed detail of our Delta Children"Barrett" 4-in-1 convertible crib, the room's centerpiece that can convert into a full size bed. it's a piece of furniture that will grow with the baby for years to come! These days, the baby loves lounging in the crib while curiously checking out the rest of his room through the rails.

Our Da Vinci Ruby Glider gets a lot of use during feeding time and when I'm putting the baby down for a nap. I never appreciated the importance of having a rocking chair in the house until now! The baby loves being rocked in it as it helps to soothe and calm him down before nap time. It also means I don't have to be standing up and walking him back and forth all the time. It's so comfortable that sometimes I find myself falling asleep in it while the baby is napping, a perfect mommy and me moment!

And as the baby grows, I can't wait to see his nursery grow with him!

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Friday, December 9, 2016

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Decor | Winter Metallics Baby Shower

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Revealing why I've been absent for so long and sharing the photos from my winter metallic baby shower!

Beauty | My Favorite Travel Makeup Brand

Monday, November 14, 2016

photos by Grant Legan

I always like to tell people that I'm an organized hoarder. Yes, I may very well be an avid "collector" of the A to Z of beauty and fashion but I'm also a devout follower of the deep rooted Confucian philosophy of keeping sh*t organized and tucked away. I spend hours each week doing tasks like labeling my beauty boxes and separating each piece of apparel by season, sleeve length, and color so that my hoarding habits will never ever be in full exposure. Not that "hoarding" is necessarily a bad thing. I mean, if armagedon hits the fan and we have to hide indefinitely in a bomb shelter, I'll have enough bronzer to contour like a Khloe, Kim, or Kourtney for like at least ten years. It also means I've built up a pretty boss travel makeup bag so that I never have to dip into my 9-5 stash. This also means when pressed for time, I can just grab and go instead of agonize over which nude lipstick to bring along. I mean, they're all nude so it shouldn't even matter right?

In my travel makeup bag, I like to keep some trusty old favs and switch it up with new products so that I'm actually forced to try new beauty looks. Because honestly, who isn't a creature of habit when it comes their makeup? On my recent desert adventure with Simon Outlets and Vogue, I brought along some new finds mainly from e.l.f cosmetics as they've become one of my favorite drugstore brands. The products are ridiculously well-priced and they have a gazillion palettes, two quintessential travel beauty perquisites! 

To create a natural fall look, I used mainly earth tone hues on my eyes, went a little dramatic with the brows, and subtly contoured with cream bronzers and highlighters. 

Here are all the products I used to achieve the look!

live fabulously

Weekly Food Diary | Alfred's Matcha & Homemade Gnocchi

Friday, November 11, 2016

This week's food diary takes on a healthier menu but leaves room for chocolate and ice cream sandwiches!

My Wedding Band Reveal

Thursday, November 10, 2016

So excited to share photos from our Maui wedding day and to finally reveal my custom Simon G wedding band!