{GBF Life + Style + Giveaway} LA Re-Debut

I'm back in LA and have spent the past couple of days suffering from Shanghai withdrawal.  SH was both a trip down memory lane and a shake of the magic eight ball as I got a glimpse of what my future may hold. The forecast is bright, exciting, and completely intimidating which means work will soon go into overdrive and overtime mode. Much apologies for being so cryptic but all will be revealed in due time! 

After coming back, I went dark for a few days spending it in sweats while super glued to my bed. In Shanghai, I was surrounded by noise and people 24-7 so I needed some time cut off from the rest of the world when I got back. Is that weird? I grew up as an only child so I'm perfectly content with self-imposed solitary confinement. My cocoon was warm, peaceful, and addicting but was finally shattered by a busy Wednesday of meetings, a Jigsaw London photo shoot, and the Hudson Jeans x Flaunt Magazine Denim After Dark party at Chi Lin. Just like that, I was thrust back into the palm trees jungle of LA.

For my LA re-debut, I wore my Oasis silk floral top and red maxi skirt. Accessorized with a knit hat, my LV Montsouris and Chanel pearls, it's the perfect summer outfit that can truly go the mile. Without exaggeration, I can wear it everywhere...from Wednesdays in LA to summer music festivals and all the hot nights in between. The versatile outfit is a classic take on laid-back boho Cali style! To celebrate my homecoming and the start of summer, I've teamed up with Oasis to give away a $100 gift card to one lucky reader. Deets after the pictures!

 top c/o Oasis
skirt c/o Oasis
shoes: purchased from Shanghai
backpack: Louis Vuitton
necklace: Chanel
watch: Guess


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{GBF Life + Style + Travel} #42

It was raining quite a bit on my first few days in Shanghai so when the sun finally graced its rays, I took full advantage by wearing a floor sweeping pleated maxi skirt from Jovonnista paired with my BCBG Generation denim shirt and Tom Ford sunnies. My Louis Vuitton Montsouris aka travel bff stayed close by my side. The backpack is great for all day excursions as it can fit a day's worth of knick knacks without killing my shoulders. My time here is quite packed so when a free afternoon opened up, I seized it and headed straight to Huahai Road, a shopping destination known for its luxury boutiques and department stores.  

When I was young, I remember taking Bus 42 on this very street with Mom every Thursday night to go to my piano class. The buses were jam packed with people, perfumed with the stench of sweat, and completely suffocating. I rarely and barely noticed the shops as I wasn't yet window height and was also quite preoccupied with avoiding getting trampled on. Nowadays, crowds gather at the grand opening of the newest Dolce & Gabbana store rather than at bus stops. What was in focus back then has now blurred into the background. 

My stolen afternoon was fabulous. I ran into the CEO of Coach inside their store, bought bagfuls of dried plum "hua mei" (my favorite guiltless snack), and saw Bus 42 pass by. It was empty, air conditioned, and completely in focus. 

{live fabulously}


{GBF Life + Style + Travel} New Shanghai

I've been in Shanghai for almost a week and have been running around town meeting up with friends and family while taking in the city. Every meal is deliciously extravagant and is contributing to a happily expanding waistline. Conversations with family revolves around the retelling of childhood stories. Although I've heard all of them a million times, they tell it like it's being divulged for the very first time. It's nice. With my friends, I've been asking a million questions about the city as I'm intently determined to crack the code on what is/who is Shanghai. I'm still in the facts gathering stage.

The city changes at lightning speed. It's impossible to keep count of the countless new buildings that have popped up since my visit four years ago. The effect of globalization means boutiques carry the latest Korean trends, the cafes are Taiwanese and Hong Kong franchises, the girls wear Japanese circle lens, and everyone has an iPhone. I feel a little lost here as the identity of my hometown has completely changed since I left. I'm proud of its progress but a little sad that I can no longer find home. 

This outfit has little to do with Shanghai. It's simply one of my favorites for summer rooftop cocktail parties. The green BCBG gown is flowy and delicate and needed to be paired with an equally flowy and delicate One Teaspoon silk shawl. Together, they exude a sense of boho spirit that's difficult to find in dressier clothes. My Shoedazzle heels add another layer of color to the outfit.

{live fabulously}


{GBF Life + Style} All Day, All White

I've always been a fan of layering white jeans with a thin sweater and shrunken blazer. It's an effortless and preppy chic look that can be worn to just about anywhere. For someone of average height like myself, I find it imperative to wear heels with white jeans in order to elongate and narrow the legs. Plus, heels help add a dressy twist to denim.

I wore this outfit all day last Sunday. My first stop was the farmer's market where I delightfully discovered that purple kale and blood orange are both in season. I bought both and made a tasty salad for lunch. A tablespoon of lemon juice, some dijon mustard, and a cup of grilled chicken accompanied my farmer's market finds. The salad was tangy, fresh, and super delicious! After my guilt-free lunch, I went to Fred Segal to indulge in retail therapy. I headed straight to their home decor store which is located in the back of Mauro's Cafe. It's one of my favs in LA as they always have kitschy and fun pieces along with a great selection of Missoni towels and throws. 

After Fred Segal, I went to a business meeting (Day of Rest does not exist in my life). Then it was straight to my friend's birthday dinner. Good thing I had my healthy lunch because dinner was ribs, ribs and more ribs! Usually, I would need to make multiple outfit changes for such a jam packed schedule, but the versatility and simplicity of my Old Navy super skinny Rockstar white jeans paired with a blazer and sweater took me from day to night!

sweater c/o Old Navy
blazer: Madewell
jeans c/o Old Navy
pursed: Marc Jacobs
sunnies c/o Old Navy
shoes c/o Shoedazzle

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