Road to MAGIC Personal Style Outfit-Inflicted with ADD at the Fashion Trade Show

I had a serious case of  fashion ADD at MAGIC triggered by the buffet of sparkly and pretty things that cluttered my line of vision. My mind couldn't focus and my body couldn't stand still as I was deeply distracted by the sea of eye candy. There was so much to see, so much to touch, and so much I wanted to try on! Unfortunately, the show floor wasn't equipped with dressing rooms so I had to settle for just seeing and touching. And yeah, I touched a lot of things. Because they touched me. A post of my top ten touch worthy things from MAGIC is forthcoming. 

In the meantime, here's what I wore on Day 3 of my epic Road to MAGIC Vegas trip. 

Top: c/o Shop Sosie
Skater Skirt: American Apparel
Wedges: c/o Michael Antonio
Purse: Hermes
Bracelets: t+j designs | House of Harlow | Express | boutique on Powell street in SF
Rings: c/o bombom jewelry | c/o Stella & Dot | Vintage

Obsessed with these color-studded smoking flats from Luichiny

Chillaxing and playing dress up with my Altitude Promo pr gals in their penthouse suite. Love the white quilted Chanel-esque jacket from Akemi Okamoto and the pattern matching iPad purse from Reveal.

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Personal Style Outfit at the LAZR Tradeshow-What to Wear When You're Avoiding Someone

I'm taking a quick break from MAGIC coverage to feature what I wore on the second day of LAZR, a new footwear trade show that took place in downtown's LA LIVE a few weeks ago. On the first day of LAZR, I spotted someone I didn't want to run into in fear of having to engage in a cold-sweat inducing and tortously awkward conversation. Unfortunately, as one of the official LAZR bloggers, I stood on a raised platform (aka stage) in the middle of the show floor like a matador covered in blood standing in the middle of a bull pen. I was also wearing high heels which contributes to lack of coordination and lack of speed. Thankfully, the person didn't approach me that day. In my attire, I definitely couldn't have darted off, burrowed under a pile of shoes, or used my invisibility cloak (I'd left it in the car) as avoidance tactic. 

On the second day of LAZR, I was outfit prepared to avoid an awkward run-in. I stragetized that my print heavy stripped tank juxatposed with the hypnotically charged geometric patterned shorts would send the person into some sort of trance if he/she tried to approach me. And if that didn't work, I'd do what any rational and mature person would do. Run. In my comfortable Sseko sandals, I could sprint like I did when I was on the high school track team. It's a shame I didn't get to test my "weaponized" outfit as I didn't even see the person that day. Perhaps he/she got a hold of my invisibility cloak.

After the show, I headed straight to dinner with friends so I brought along two things for a quick footwear show to glitzy dinner outfit change. My Brian Atwood T-strap sandals provided fabulous height while my James Perse button down muted an otherwise loud outfit. Cinching it at the waist creates the illusion of a smaller waist and is an easy way to provide structure. 

Top: Ted Baker
Shorts: boutique in Los Feliz
Shoes: c/o Sseko | Brian Atwood
Shirt: James Perse
Necklace: gift from an aunt
Bracelets: c/o Stella and Dot | ASOS | Express
Rings: Gorjana | c/o Stella and Dot

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Saks POV-Cut 25 Fall Collection Photo Shoot and Interview with Yigal Azrouel

For my latest Saks POV assignment, I interviewed Yigal Azrouel on life, fashion, and life in New York. Coincidentally, I first stumbled across (literally) his brand a few years ago when I was in the big apple attending a friend's graduation. I stole an afternoon to go shopping in the Meatpacking district and in typical New York fashion, heavy downpour unexpectedly commenced. I ran inside the closest open door seeking shelter and warmth. I found both and just a little bit more. I was inside the Yigal AzrouĆ«l boutique and instantaneously fell in love with the brand’s intricate fabrics, design aesthetics and innovative styling. That afternoon, I shopped up a storm.

I've been a fan of the brand ever since. So, when the Yigal Azrouel team sent over my favorite pieces from the Cut 25 (diffusion line) fall 2012 collection for a photo shoot, I was ecstatic! I enlisted the help of celebrity photog Josh Williams and jewelry designer Jenny Dayco and together we spent a memorable afternoon sizzling under the sweltering Hollywood heat shooting, joking, and laughing...up a storm.

Check out Saks POV for the full interview.

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Road to MAGIC Personal Style-What To Wear When You're Out of Time

I have a confession to make. When it comes to self-styling and dressing, I cut corners whenever I can. Yes, I know what you're thinking. I'm a fashion blogger! I should be spending hours agonizing over whether my herringbone trousers channel Katharine Hepburn circa her love affair days with Howard Hughes or Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. No. With my overloaded schedule, I sometimes don't even have time to eat, and I love to eat! That's why I style outfits that are easy to wear, quick to put on, and versatile to transition from day to night. Because I know that inevitably, I always have about 5.34 seconds to decide what to wear before I head out the door as I'm already 15.34 minutes late.  

The above is a long-winded explanation of why I wore yet another dress at MAGIC. My schedule at the fashion trade show was jam packed with panels, meetings, dinners, parties, and blogging. Every day, I woke up with a million things on my mind while simultaneously trying to do a million things at once. I perfected the skill of teeth brushing while texting AND doing thigh lunges. Needless to say, I didn't have much time to focus on what to wear. That's why I love my Lovemarks dress. Its shape and length is so me as the puff sleeves and baby doll cut cutely highlights the female body.  The brocade stretch fabric mixed with a sheer panel adds a dressy versatilility to the outfit, making it quick and easy to switch from day to night with just a few key accessories.

Side note: my Seychelles wedges are so comfortable I actually preferred them to flats at MAGIC! They're extremely lightweight and provide great height and style as they look like wedged Chelsea boots. They definitely helped me shave off a second from my daily "what to wear" decision making session so I could squeeze in an extra lunge.

Dress: c/o Lovemarks
Wedges: c/o Seychelles
Purse: Hermes
Necklace: Crossroads Trading Co
Bracelets: t+j Designs Rings: c/o bombom Jewelry/c/o Stella and Dot/vintage

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